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Internet Privacy Policy

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At Bank Mandiri Hong Kong Branch, we have always believed that the privacy of our client's information both personal and financial, is of paramount importance. It goes to the very heart of our ability to provide you with the sophisticated and often sensitive services that you require. The use of the internet has merely added another dimension to our already extensive efforts to ensure your privacy.

Our most valued assets, both professionally and personally, are the relationships we have with our clients. It is in that spirit that we offer the following assurances.

  1. We will adhere to the strictest standards to protect all information provided to us by our clients.

  2. We will not sell client information for any purpose.

  3. Access to your information will be restricted only to those persons who have a need-to-know in order to properly service your needs, except in those instances where we may be compelled to provide such information under order of law.

  4. The Bank's employees that have access to client information are subject to strict disciplinary action for any violation of these policies.

  5. We will constantly re-examine and re-evaluate our security measures to always afford you the highest degree of confidentiality.